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Urgent - Competitive Player Profile & Tennis ID

All players in Australia must have a Competitive Player Profile and Tennis ID (11-digit number starting with '66') linked to Universal Tennis Ratings to enter Tournaments and Fixtures.  As of 7 February, players will need to log into their Competitive Player Profile to enter tournaments online.  It is now not possible to play Tournaments & Fixtures without having a Tennis ID as results involving players without a Tennis ID cannot be entered into the ratings system.

Even if you mainly play socially, you should create a Competitive Player Profile in case you decide to play in one of the Club’s participation-style competitions.  Having a Competitive Player Profile also gives you access to pre-sale tickets for Australian Open & Summer Series events and other special offers.

Tennis Australia's Competitive Player Profile is the unique profile generated by connecting your Tennis ID and UTR rating.  With this connection established, your playing history and match results can be stored in one place providing you with your UTR rating to help you compete at your level in all competitions.  Players are automatically issued with a Tennis ID (11 digits, starting with '66') by Tennis Australia when they create a Competitive Player Profile.

To create a Competitive Player Profile and link it to Universal Tennis Ratings, or check if you already have one, go to ( and click on ‘Complete your Competitive Player Profile’ at the bottom of the screen which will then give you a number of options depending on whether you already have a Tennis ID or Universal Tennis Account or neither or don't know.

For information about the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) go to:

NOTE:  Players now need their Tennis ID (11-digit number starting with ‘66’) to create a Tournament Account to enter tournaments on-line.  As of 7 February, the old Player ID Number (11-digits, starting with ‘61’) will no longer be valid.  


Many players have accumulated multiple UTR profiles and multiple Tennis profiles by using variations of their name when entering events or when playing in other towns, states and countries.  There are some players with four UTR profiles and many have two or three Tennis profiles.  This can cause all sorts of problems when determining ratings, level eligibility and seedings.

Check the Universal Tennis website ( to see if you have multiple UTR profiles.  To get rid of multiple player profiles, go to and select ‘Duplicate Player Profiles’ from the drop-down list under ‘What’s going on?’ and then provide as much information as possible about your multiple profiles (i.e. provide the URL for each profile).

Login to the Tennis Australia Match Centre ( to see if you have match results in multiple Tennis profiles using the search bar at the top of the page (Q Search Suburb, Organisation or Player).  For any duplicate profile, go to ‘Mange’, then ‘Missing Match Records’ and then use the ‘Link Profile’ button.  For assistance, contact