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The UQ Tennis Club's 2024 Tournament Program continues with the June Singles Night Tournament.

2023 Fastennis Singles Tournament

The 2023 Fastennis Singles Challenge Tournament will be played on Sunday morning, 12 March, starting at 8 a.m.

This tournament will be played using the Fastennis format.  In Fastennis, a set is won by the player who first wins 21 points (as in the old table tennis scoring system).

This tournament is designed for players of all standards although it will be played as a single draw.  Even though all players (all standards, male & fmale) will go into a single draw initially, everybody will keep playing throughout the morning because they will drop into consolation draws whenever they lose.  Losers in the main draw will drop into a continuous feed-in draw and losers in the continuous feed-in draw will drop into a continuous play consolation draw.  This means there will be some mis-matches in the early rounds but players will progress through the draws to meet players of their own standard and will get lots of matches.  First round losers in the main draw can still gain a high finishing position through the continuous feed-in draw.

As everybody goes into a single draw, players do not need to know their player rating or Fixtures grade to enter this tournament.

Entrants must be Club Members but non-members will be given Restricted Membership so they can enter.  Entry fees for Restricted Members are higher than for Ordinary, Associate & Junior Members.

The deadline for entries is Sunday, 5 March.  

The entry form can be picked up from the UQ Tennis Clubhouse or downloaded as a PDF file from the Club Website here.

Entries can also be lodged on-line via the Tennis Australia Tournaments Website here*.  

Players can use this link to check their entries have been received and to check who else has entered.

N.B. When players go to enter on-line, they are asked to log in using their Competitive Player Profile or to create a Competitive Player Profile (with a Tennis ID and UTR link) if they don't already have one.  A Tennis ID (11-digit number, starting with '66') is allocated automatically when players create a Competitive Player Profile.  To check if you already have a Competitive Player Profile, go to ( and click on ‘Complete your Competitive Player Profile’ at the bottom of the screen which will then give you a number of options depending on whether you already have a Tennis ID Account or Universal Tennis Account or neither or don’t know.  The old Player ID Number (11 digits, starting with ‘61’) is no longer valid.