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BNTA Monday Summer (Mixed) - 2010-2011 Summer Season

Competition information
Competition name: 
BNTA Monday Summer (Mixed)
Season name: 
2010-2011 Season Summer
7 - 9 pm
Season dates: 
Mon, 06/12/2010 - Mon, 28/02/2011
Number of matches: 
10 + F
Sets played each: 
3 doubles (men - 1 men’s & 1 mixed; woman – 2 mixed)
Usual team composition: 
3 men & 2 women
Team (per match): 
2 men & 1 woman
Entries close: 
6 years 43 weeks ago

For Summer Fixtures, the UQ Tennis Club enters teams in the Brisbane-wide Fixtures conducted by the Brisbane Night Tennis Association Inc. (BNTA).  Matches in BNTA competitions are played throughout Brisbane although, in some grades, many ‘away’ matches may be played at University because of the large number of UQ teams.  All UQ teams will have a Home court at University.  Fixture completion dates listed are approximate only.  BNTA Fixtures have a two-week break for Xmas but do not break for UQ Summer Semester examinations.

Grading sessions for new members  

Note: all new members must attend a grading session.

  • Sunday 14 November  1 pm to 2 pm
  • Sunday 21 November  1 pm to 2 pm