Following the on-going success of the Singles competitions introduced in 2017, the UQ Tennis Club...
The UQ Tennis Club's 2020 Tournament Program continues with the Super Spring Night Tournament...

2019 Spring Night Tournament Series

The UQ Tennis Club's 2019 Tournament Program continues with the Super Spring Night Tournament Series.

The Spring Series consists of 3 Saturday-night tournaments:
Doubles Tournament  -  21 September (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.)
Singles Tournament  -  12 October (6 p.m. to 11 p.m.)
Mixed Doubles Tournament  -  26 October (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.)

Entries close on the Thursday before each tournament.

These are all participation-style tournaments which use Round-Robin formats to keep everybody playing.  Events are offered at 4 levels to cater for players of all standards.

Events are offered at 4 levels:
OPEN  -  top level (open to all players)
A GRADE  -  equiv. to or lower than ITN 5 (BNTA Fixtures Pen Res, UQTC Fixtures A2 Grade; UQTC Social low Red)
B GRADE  -  equiv. to or lower tahn ITN 6 (UQTC Fixtures B1 Grade; UQTC Social Yellow)
C GRADE  -  equiv. to or lower than ITN 7 (UQTC Fixtures C1 Grade; UQTC Social Green & Blue)

All entrants in these tournaments must be members of The University of Queensland Tennis Club (UQ Tennis Club).  However, non-members will be granted free Restricted Membership of the UQ Tennis Club (includes free registration with Tennis Queensland) so they can compete.  The entry fees for Restricted Members will be higher than for Full Members (Ordinary, Associate, Junior or Hon. Life Members).

Entry Fees:
Full Members  -  $30 (Singles) or $20/player (Doubles)
Restricted Members  -  $35 (Singles) or $25/player (Doubles)

The Spring Series entry form can be picked up from the Clubhouse or downloaded as a PDF file here.  The printed entry form can be used to enter a single tournament or multiple tournaments.  For Doubles Tournaments, each player must lodge an entry form.  Doubles entries will not be accepted unless a partner is nominated and that player also lodges an entry.

Entries can also be lodged on-line via the Tennis Australia Tournaments Website (http://tournaments.tennis.com.au).

The direct links for on-line entry are:  

Spring Series Doubles Tournament

Spring Series Singles Tournament

Spring Series Mixed Doubles Tournament

Players can also use these links to check that their entries have been received and to check who else has entered.

N.B. When players go to enter on-line, they are asked to create a Tournament account if they don't already have one.  To create a Tournament account, players need their 11-digit Tennis Australia My Tennis Player ID Number.  Unfortunately, although the Tennis Australia on-line tournament entry system still requires the 11-digit My Tennis Player ID Number, Tennis Australia has stopped issuing Player ID Numbers automatically for new players being registered through My Tennis (as it is switching to using player e-mail addresses for identification purposes).  This means that players who do not have a Player ID Number, or don't remember their number, need to contact Tennis Australia via or 1800 752 983 to obtain their number or have a number created for them (info required - name, address, birthdate, e-mail address and a phone number).