Following the success of the two Night Singles competitions played in 2017 (June/July &...
Following the success of the inaugural daytime Singles Fixtures played in June, the UQ Tennis Club...

2017 Grand Prix Champions

The UQ Tennis Club's Grand Prix for 2017 has now been decided.

The 2017 Grand Prix Champions are Ashley Wilkinson and Colin Prince.  The Runners-Up are Christeen Spencer and Robert Dair.

The Trophies and prizes for the Winners and Runners-Up were presented during the Club’s Christmas Party on Sunday night, 3 December..

The final Top Ten Point Scorers in the 2017 Grand Prix were:

1. Ashley Wilkinson (156.0 pts)
2. Christeen Spencer (100.0)
3. Susan Ko (70.5 pts)
4. Jo Baulch (56.0 pts)
5. Sabrina Blaas (38.0 pts)
6. Lorraine Lauf (36.0 pts)
7. Rebecca Warner (35.5 pts)
8. Lan Ho (34.0 pts)
8. Rachel Witte (34.0 pts)
10. Masako Yoshino (32.0 pts)

1. Colin Prince (184.0 pts)
2. Robert Dair (180.0 pts)
3. Mark Hodgson (130.0 pts)
4. Craig Lam (98.5 pts)
5. David Drew (91.5 pts)
6. Bruce Franke (88.0 pts)
7. Lucas Hughes (83.8 pts)
8. William Thompson (80.0 pts)
9. Marco Sulzbacher (77.7 pts)
10. Andrew Holden (77.3 pts)

The Grand Prix is an award competition for all UQ Tennis Club Ordinary, Associate & Junior members.  Restricted Members are not eligible for the Grand Prix.  Players earn points for their participation and level of success in Club tournaments and sanctioned unrestricted open tournaments played from January to November.  As points are cumulative, those who play the most tournaments will be among the leading points scorers.  As the points are the same at all levels, an ITN 7 player has just as much chance as an ITN 4 player of winning the Grand Prix.  Check the Grand Prix Rules and the Final Points on the Club website here.