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Uncollected Club Membership Cards

Over 200 members have still not collected their 2009 Club Membership Cards.Cards can be collected during Thursday Night & Sunday Afternoon Social Tennis or whenever the Office is open during the day & during Fixtures.Cards that have not been collected by Sunday 25 October will be posted to the relevant Members.  However, Cards that are sent by post will not be replaced if they get ‘lost’ in the mail.

Brisbane International Tickets

Series Package tickets and Single Session tickets for the Brisbane International (3-10 January, 2010) are now on sale to the general public.

Club logo clothing

Saturday 31 October is the next order deadline for Club Logo Clothing.

Free Barbeque

There will be a free Barbecue for Social Tennis Players and Club Members after Social Tennis this Sunday (25 October), starting at  around 6 p.m.