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Summer Doubles Tournament Winners

2010 Summer Series #1 - Men's Doubles & Ladies' Doubles


26 players (13 pairs) took part in the Doubles Tournament, which was the Club’s first tournament for 2010 and the first in the three-tournament Sizzling Summer Night Tournament Series.

Because of the relatively low number of entries for each level, everybody went into an initial round  of 3 Round-Robin groups with the pairs from each level distributed evenly amongst the groups.  This was followed by a play-off round with 4 Round-Robin groups to sort out the final positions from 1 to 13.  Prizes were determined on the basis of highest finishing position for the pairs from each entry level.  Most players got 5 sets for the night.

The winners were Kevin Henriksen & Colin Prince (Open Men), Atsuko Nakamura & Ashley Wilkinson (Open Ladies), Ryan Carson & Rikki Hvorup (A Grade Men), Claudia Hong & Naomi Westaway (A Grade Ladies) and Craig Lam & Ben Shakespeare (B Grade Men).

Check out the complete results at http://tournaments.tennis.com.au/sport/tournament.aspx?id=DA98BAF4-7F2E-....


2010 Sizzling Summer Night Tournament Series Application Form

3 Saturday night tournaments16 January (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.) Men’s Doubles & Ladies’ Doubles6 February (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.) Mixed Doubles20 February (6 p.m. to 11 p.m.) Men’s Singles & Ladies’ SinglesLevels:Open: Open to all levelsA Grade: Equiv. to or lower than ITN 5 (approx. BNTA P. Res. 1, UQTC A1)B Grade: Equiv. to or lower than ITN 6 (approx. BNTA Div. 1, UQTC B1)C Grade: Equiv. to or lower than ITN 7 (approx. BNTA Div. 2, UQTC C1)Entries close: Thursday before each tournament

2010 Membership and 2010 Season 1 Fixtures Application Form

Use this form tojoin the Club in 2010; and/orenrol for 2010 season 1 Fixtures.

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UQ Tennis Club Grand Prix

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2009 Spring Doubles Winners

2009 Spring Series Doubles Tournament

24 players took part in the Super Spring Series Men’s Doubles & Ladies’ Doubles Tournament which was played last night (Saturday, 14 November).

The event winners were Claudia Hong & Naomi Westaway (A & B Grade Ladies), Ashley Wilkinson & Atsuko Nakamura (Open Ladies), Peter Inslay & Peter Sallans (B Grade Men), Kevin Henriksen & Colin Prince (A Grade Men) and Jason Cunningham & Gary Jones (Open Men).

This was another participation-style tournament which used Round-Robin formats to ensure everybody got lots of Tennis.

This was the third and final tournament in the Super Spring Tournament Series.  It was also the Club’s final tournament for 2009.  The Super Spring Tournament Series consisted of three tournaments:  Mixed Doubles (10 October), Singles (24 October) and Doubles (14 November).

The Super Spring Tournament Series Winners, determined using the Grand Prix points system for the 3 tournaments, were Krystyna Anderson and Gary Jones.

The leading points scorers in the Spring Series were:

  • Ladies  -  1. Krystyna Anderson (42 pts); 2. Naomi Westaway (39.5 pts); 3. Ashley Wilkinson (36 pts); 4. Jess Rowley & Claudia Hong (30 pts)
  • Men  -  1. Gary Jones (46 pts); 2. Kevin Henriksen (44 pts); 3. Colin Prince (42 pts); 4. Tony Vickers (34 pts); 5. Peter Inslay (33 pts)