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The UQ Tennis Club's 2014 Tournament Program continues with the Super Spring Night Tournament...

'St Lucia Dental' Grand Prix

The St Lucia Dental UQ Tennis Club Grand Prix is an award competition open to all UQ Tennis Club members, who will earn points according to the scale of their success in the designated tournaments.

All players competing in a Grand Prix tournament shall be eligible for points provided they are financial members of the UQ Tennis Club at the time of the tournament.

More information is available in the attached rules.

Grand Prix Past Champions


1979Gordon StaceyAnn Williams
1980Gordon StaceyLouella Wilby
1981Bill RobertsonLouella Wilby
1982Ian MeyersReet Howell
1983Ian MeyersBron Farquharson
1984Ian MeyersSue Jull
1985Mark HodgsonSue Jull
1986Mark HodgsonMoira Stabler
1987Michael O’SheaFiona Dalzell
1988Michael O’SheaSerena Fulford
1989Matthew ShallveySharon Wong
1990Robert ZadravecElizabeth Evans
1991Ian DoddJulie Huggins
1992Robert ZadravecElizabeth Evans
1993An LeElizabeth Evans & Thuy Nguyen
2006Darren LattinAshley Wilkinson
2007Peter BiltonJudith Rodins
2008Anand JayaramanNaomi Westaway
2009Ryan CarsonAshley Wilkinson
2010Ryan CarsonKrystyna Anderson
2011Ryan Carson

Ashley Wilkinson

2012Ryan Carson

Jessica Rowley

2013Ryan Carson

Jessica Rowley



'St Lucia Dental' Grand Prix