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The University Open is the major open tennis tournament in Brisbane.
The UQ Tennis Club's 2016 Tournament Program continues with the Awesome Autumn Night Tournament...

Sports Injury Insurance

UQ Tennis Club members are covered by Tennis Queensland's Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

Cover applies when participating in official and/or sanctioned tennis events. This includes competitions, tournaments, training, performing voluntary work for the Club, attending social functions and travelling to and from such events.

Cover for Club members commences from the date on which the Club Membership Fee is received (or, if the TQ Registration Fee has been paid elsewhere, the date on which the TQ Fee was paid to the other body). 

For more information please see Tennis Queensland's Personal Accident Insurance page.

If an injury occurs, report it immediately to the tennis centre staff and make sure they record the details.

If the injury occurs at the UQ Tennis Centre, also check to see if any Club officials are present and report the details to them.

This is vital for a successful claim as the claim form includes a declaration to be signed by an official verifying that the injury did occur as claimed. Obviously, the tennis centre operator or Club Secretary cannot make such a declaration if the injury was not reported and documented.

To make a claim, please see the instructions on Tennis Queensland's Personal Accident Insurance page.

Disclaimer:  The UQ Tennis Club has produced this summary from information supplied by Tennis Queensland.  Although all due care and diligence has been taken in the production of this material, no responsibility is accepted by the UQ Tennis Club for any reliance placed upon the information contained herein. For all enquiries about the Tennis Queensland Personal Accident Insurance Policy, contact Tennis Queensland or Ace Insurance.